Well NetSezam s.r.o is a full-service design studio where creativity meets professionalism, offering web and graphic design options alongside development services. Our professional team provides a one-stop solution for any size company marketing that cuts through any challenge shaping the perfect solution that works for you. If you want it, we can do it – our online tools cover every innovation on the web. Print Our extensive portfolio of print-works comprise a wide selection of offerings including, but not limited, to brochures, magazines and calendars custom designed invitations and posters that are designed with attention to your brand’s unique image and the essence of your firm or organization’s core offering to the consumer. Advancing a greener approach to corporate activity, our continued research into the top standards in paper usage means our print materials are exclusively done on paper acquired from managed forests that meet top environmental standards. The business of improving your brand and advancing sustainable plant is the creed that serves as the foundation of holistic success. We operate in partnership with both local and international printing companies, giving us global reach in the specialization of lit ho-, screen- or digital -printing, ensuring the highest standards in quality at the best market rates. Assisting smaller businesses has helped us see sales rocket for firms that have caught onto the power of online shopping, no matter the size of an enterprise. Corporate Identity Your name, your logo, your colours – your image! To us a corporate identity means more than brand recognition: we seek to create a narrative in your business that provides a competitive edge through creating a corporate identity that stands out in the market. We are committed to ensuring we create, communicate and deliver an image that represents value to the market and ultimately consumer preference for your company’s offerings. Advertising We just do it. Whatever your need, NetSezam s.r.o is guaranteed with strategies that defy the norm. Physiological research now shows each of us are so inundated with advertising, we just naturally shut most of it out with our mental filters! Consumers will take in what they want to see – so make sure NetSezam s.r.o factor stands out and attracts. NetSezam s.r.o will strategically administer your advertising from start to finish, providing consultation on the right combination of media marketing in addition to overseeing the effective production of your advertising materials. Inclusive in our advertising packages are photography and copy writing for placement in key publications both in the print and online media. Our advertising options offer services for both specific projects as well as on a continuous basis, allowing you peace of mind knowing NetSezam s.r.o is working round the clock to ensure your company achieves its maximum market potential. We ensure your business or product commands attention with our creative and visually appealing signage that conveys the image you want consumers to recognize. With just some of our products ranging from banners, vehicle signage and shopfronts through to exhibition stands, billboards and neon lights, We will ensure your business is recognized. Forget the medium – if you want it, we’ll do it. The NetSezam s.r.o philosophy reads that a company or product should be more than simply noticed: it needs to represent a value consumers come to recognize and affiliate with. Our company recognizes that more often than not package design and development of your business go hand in hand so we develop design that doesn’t just complement your business – it improves it. When it comes to packing we ensure all your bases are covered, from structural design through to shelf life and quality assurance. Marketing Marketing, like a great cocktail, involves getting just the right combination for the perfect taste potential clients will remember. Our art is keeping them coming back the next round. NetSezam s.r.o Ltd will assist your sales-team with the production of marketing materials such as corporate gifts and promotional concepts. Our approach is grounded in ensuring we link your business and the public through, by identifying and defining opportunities for the creation of a marketing strategy that works for you. At NetSezam s.r.o we see marketing as both a research-based practice and as a creative industry. We combine both to generate an effective approach that gives your business the edge.

NetSezam s.r.o
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