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  1. Once you’re on a product page and have decided which product you want to buy, click “Add to Cart” (to add the item to your shopping cart).
  2. Adjust the contents of your shopping cart as necessary. To change an item’s quantity, highlight the number you want to change, then type in the new quantity. If you decide you want to continue shopping and put more items in your shopping cart, just click ‘Continue shopping’ link. After reviewing your shopping cart contents and making sure you’ve got the items and quantities you want, you may begin the checkout process.
  3. Fill in the billing information or (if you’ve registered before) select one of the saved addresses. Please note, that you are strongly recommended to fill in the “Phone” field. Your phone is required to successfully complete the purchase. Click “Review order” to review your order’s details.
  4. When you are certain that billing and order information is correct, click the “Submit Order” button to complete your order.
  5. If you have not yet registered as a user, a new user account will be created. You should write down the login details and keep them in safe place.

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