Among other photo editing services we offer a high-quality removal or replacement of any part of an image. If your photo contains some unwanted object or person, it’s possible to “delete” it by carefully remaking the background under such object or partially recreate the background and the replace an object with another one.
Don’t hesitate to order this service when you want to remove an accidental / unwanted person from your photo, remove a person/object that doesn’t completely fit into the image, erase a tree branch, wires, bird, or any other details in your photo, remove the dark spot made by your own finger from a photo, correct the image of person who looks poorly on your family photo, make some interesting photomontage (with celebrity, for example), prepare your photos for putting into a frame or for sale.
Replacing an object in your image we not only adjust the brightness, contrast and tonal balance of a new object, but also create the realistic shadows, fine tune its sharpness, amount of noise, etc. As a result, the modified photo looks as natural as the original one. Basically, the complexity of a work depends on the complexity of the background.
The plain ones include: sky, sand, asphalt, concrete, foliage, and other backgrounds with small irregular texture. Other backgrounds, especially containing some small details, shadows, reflections, etc. are complex (the most of the man-made structures).

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