Among other professional web design services, we offer you the creative, high-quality, and low-cost custom design or redesign of your personal or corporate website. Basically, building a website, we create the custom-made graphic website layout (webpage layout) first, then convert it into HTML website template and then, using the template as a the basic page defining the look and feel of whole future website, build the inner web pages and link them together.

We can either use one website template for all the pages of your website or use one template for the title page and another one for the inner pages (for example, for the public area and for the members’ area). In both cases, all pages of your website will have a solid, professional look. The use of the website template also allows you to easily update your site, because all pages have the same HTML structure.

It’s also important to note that making your website, we extensively use the Cascading Style Sheets technology, saving the information about almost every editable page element in an external CSS file. So updating just one line in this file, you instantly update all pages of your site. It’s easy & fast – no need to change each and every page of your website. Your website can be designed in either the classic style, or the free style.

The classic (business) style implies a common look of many corporate websites, with the straight lines, right angles, white or light grey background, etc. While a freestyle means an original layout of the pages, the use of curved shapes, brighter colors, etc. You decide which design style is more suitable for your website. In either case, for an affordable fixed price (please see on the right) you will get a professionally designed, high-quality website. Order now!

How It Works:

1. Please make your order and required prepayment.

2. We will create a graphic layout of your site and transform it into HTML site template (the main webpage).

3. We will create the inner pages (if you future website is based on two site template, will create the second template on this stage).
4. We will prepare the required files and send them on your email or upload on your server via FTP.
5. If you have any questions please read the Satisfaction Guarantee.

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